In 2014, email marketing accounted for more than a quarter of all black Friday sales in e-commerce across all industries.

This has made email marketing the most effective marketing channel available – a few years ago.

Not surprisingly, email marketing will not slow down so fast. More than 90% of consumers use their emails at least once a day, and most of them use it much more.

If that’s not convincing, do the following:

If you only win $ 1 in email marketing, you will earn $ 44.25 in return. It is an extremely strong return on investment.

It is therefore surprising that most e-commerce companies do not even deal with emails. They leave emails to the giants Walmart and Amazon and spend tons of turnover, turnover and knowledge.

You must pay attention to e-mail marketing in e-commerce. Here is the reason:

1. E-mail helps you increase your sales
You have read this value so far. If you do not create lists, your sales will suffer – on the order of 25%.
Since you probably can not afford to make 25% less sales, your online business needs to get on the train.

If you can not reach your customers by e-mail, you can ask them to randomly check your site to find new inventory or socialize to your store. It is very unlikely that they will do it as often as you want.

E-mail helps you communicate directly with your customers if you want to communicate with them (rather than if the Facebook algorithm frees you).

Do not be passive when it comes to your business.

2. E-mail helps you to cancel the shopping cart
If you run an online store, you know only too much which shopping cart is given up.

This is when your customers visit your website, add items to their cart, and leave them without purchase.

This has consumed many customers and potential sales, but email marketing has made it possible to modify this script.

If you have your customers’ e-mail addresses, you can identify them and communicate with them to remind them what they have in their shopping cart, without the hope that they will return to your site (which is unlikely).

Minimize cart breakage and create email address lists by creating an account for your customers with your email addresses or linking your order process to emails. In this way you can communicate with them and bring them back to finish what they started.

3. Email helps you with your market research
And if you could not only determine what your customers want to order at home, but also what colors, variations and sizes?

Getting this information a few decades ago would cost a lot of time and money. You should go to a market research office and join a discussion group, or participate in expensive and generally meaningless telephone surveys (which, frankly, most customers do not want to fill out).

You can now combine email marketing with market research by literally collecting emails by getting feedback from customers.

And that also makes the customers fun. Oh, and it’s almost free.

You just have to “buy the buyer”, such as the Modcloth Retro dealer, or “vote” about the item and the size you want to buy and get notified of, such as the Matina store (the clothes worn by the shop) Shop is sold). Philippine designer).

Then you will not only collect emails and inform your customers when the desired items are available. You will also receive valuable information about your wishes before you order the inventory.

This leads to less stagnant stocks, more sales and lower costs of goods sold.

If you choose one of the reasons to start e-mail marketing for your ecommerce business, this should be convincing enough. Do not neglect the e-mail address of your online shop. Start zooming in on your list (click here for 21 of the best strategies for creating ecommerce lists), and your bottom line will be appreciated.

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