I have been working in the field of success for decades.

I saw and experienced the thrill of victory. I was also aware of the agony of defeat. More often, I’ve heard of the growing pain and stagnation that many small business owners have to overcome.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) tells us that about 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. Unfortunately, nobody documents the number that stagnates and fights.

Bad deal
A beautiful green ceramic basin filled with water is at my door. The immaculate water from the bamboo cane is incredibly soothing. My only job, according to my Japanese landscape gardener, is to keep the water clear and pure.

Hitoshi, my landscaper, is the former landscape architect of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. He taught me a lot about the Japanese tradition during his bi-annual pilgrimage to look after my plants. When I asked him why the water was clean and clear, he explained to me that the water outside the entrance affected the conversation at home.

Water becomes unattended and dirty and murky causes poor communication and household entertainment. In contrast, freshwater promotes a clear, optimistic and optimistic communication.

Like most small businesses, I’m busy. My time is consumed with many other things – except that water gushes into the pond. Besides, I have some difficulty understanding how to keep the water “clean” without chemicals, I hesitate. Apart from draining the entire basin, the crystal clear water is invasive.

If a body of water lacks the necessary attention, stagnation unfortunately sets in. The water is transformed into different greens. Even wild kittens in the garden refuse to drink! At some point it starts to smell bad.

Sounds strange to companies, right? When days, weeks and months are filled with “things”, critical business developments are overlooked. Our once clear and inspiring vision becomes cloudy.

Given the complexity of doing business in the 21st century, it is only a matter of time before negligence materializes in our business world and ultimately leads to stagnation.

Vision: the corporate clarifier
Who can not appeal to the feeling of having our hands ring and wondering what to do next? It is not enough to wring your hands. An action is required.

What’s missing in small, stagnant companies is a crystal-clear vision; one that convinces and no doubt. In line with your core values, you have a business vision that integrates and maintains your privacy when you achieve a work-life balance.

Is your vision clear?

How many details can you define in your vision?

Does it make you act?

Is this the way to success?

If you shared your vision in all its glory and complexity, would I be able to determine where you are going? Or would you be surprised and surprised to scratch my head, what exactly do you want to achieve?

Let us discover! Take the evaluation of the vision.

Once you have a clear idea of ​​what your small business should look like, your future (like the water basin in my backyard) will go smoothly.

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