To ensure the success of women and girls, be sure to acquire literacy and self-confidence in large and small financial matters. And it happens! The International Day of the Girl was celebrated in early October; Canadians celebrate financial literacy in November

Each of these events gives women and girls the opportunity to grow with confidence in today’s world. Greater support and confidence in financial education means that women are better equipped to face new challenges, including successful and financially independent entrepreneurs.

This is certainly a reason for applause, but there is still much to do. In a turbulent political climate, many businesswomen wonder if the accepted norm will be the misogynist “blurred speech” that directly affects their balance sheets. They had hoped it would be a thing of the past. The study “More opportunities for women” found that more than 41% of the female population fought financially. They are poor or about to live or live on a paycheck to pay a check.

Despite the difficulties, progress is being made.

In recent decades, more and more women have gained financial independence by taking on entrepreneurial roles and withdrawing from traditional jobs, which they find superfluous for their own dynamic jobs.

The trends are impressive: In the US alone, women enter the business world in a 2: 1 ratio to their male colleagues.
Since 1997, the number of small businesses owned by women has risen by 68% (more than the overall 47% growth for all new businesses). This means that 29% of small business owners are women compared to 26% in 1997. Small women-owned companies employed nearly 8 million workers, accounting for one in seven private-sector jobs, nearly $ 500 billion.

These growth rates and achievements seem to continue so that girls, even if they become women, will become our future leaders.

After the social migration of women into the post-World War II job market (and all the benefits this movement brings to women and society as a whole), women leave traditional jobs and often return home. But this time women find themselves in the business world and become entrepreneurs.

This trend has intensified in recent years. A number of factors play a role, including the interdependence of our digital age and the emergence of the new economy following the Great Recession of 2008. The time has come for transformation. With more women starting small businesses and having success, it is possible to redefine the work environment. As growth grows, women entrepreneurs will play an even bigger role than change in our society. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are promoting economic growth and job creation. They are also the innovators whose effectiveness goes far beyond government and politics.

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